Dr.A. Selvanathan

 Dr. A Selvanathan is our expert on catalysis.  He has expertise in Heterogeneous catalysis, vapour and liquid phase catalysis, designing catalytic reactors, installation and commissioning of catalytic units.  selvanathan-photo1

Name Dr. A. Selvanathan
City of Residence Bangalore
Total Experience (years) 25+ years
Companies / Institutions worked with SABIC, SPIC
Area of Expertise Catalysis, Developing catalytic process for organic molecules

Vapour Phase and Liquid Phase Catalysis, Process improvement, Research Management.

Can Offer Consultancy on ( use Key words) Design of Catalytic reactors and high throughput reactors

Establishing research facilities for Catalysis Research, Research Management, Process Improvement.

Tentative per day cost for offering consultancy negotiable