The VLE Simulator

Accurate prediction of vapor liquid equilibrium properties is very important
for present day hydrocarbon industry. All calculations for design and
operation of upstream and downstream oil and natural gas equipment require
correct values of vapor liquid equilibrium properties. Also VLE properties find
usage is Astrochemistry to simulate atmospheres of various heavenly bodies
which are composed of varying proportions of hydrocarbons and inorganic
VLE Properties like bubble point, dew point, two phase composition, critical
point, cricondentherm, cricondenbar etc. for binary mixtures are easy to
calculate but determination of these properties for multicomponent mixtures
require complex calculations involving complex equations. Optimization of
these calculations to include maximum number of components and plotting
of correct phase envelopes for multicomponent mixtures presents further
challenge. These calculations can only be calculated using latest computers.
These calculations further require complex computer programs to automate
them so that the results can be generated at the click of a button.
EQ-COMP is a process simulation software tool for finding vapor liquid
equilibrium properties like bubble point, hydrocarbon dew point, water dew
point, phase envelope, binary VLE curves, hydrate dissociation curve, binary
and multicomponent distillation column design, CO2 frost and freezing curve,
compressibility factors and various thermodynamic properties like enthalpy,
entropy, gibbs free energy, specific heat at constant volume, specific heat at
constant pressure, specific heat ratio, sonic speed, isobaric thermal
expansivity and Joule Thomson coefficient for multicomponent hydrocarbon
mixtures using peng robinson cubic equation of state. EQ-COMP is one of its
kind software application in the world which is made single-handedly with an
effort of around one and a half decade with basic infrastructure using very
basic software tool like MS excel but gives results comparable to other such
world class software applications made using most advanced software tools,
vast infrastructure and large teams of scientists and engineers. EQ-COMP is
a complex combination of macro programs of MS excel written using Visual
Basic for Applications programming language for calculating multicomponent
vapor-liquid equilibrium properties automatically at the click of a button. It is
available for use through SAAS (software as a service) mode through http://www.eqcomp.
com website.

The user can visit VLE CALCULATOR page, download and
fill the MS excel file specific to his calculation, pay a nominal charge for
the calculation through configured paypal button and send the filled MS excel
file to We will send the results in the form of an MS excel
attachment to his registered email id within 24 hours of receiving the query.
More information and sample results of various calculation modules of EQCOMP
are available on website.  A presentation of EQ-COMP can be downloaded from PRESENTATION.pdf link.

By Amit Katyal (Independent Researcher/ Inventor – Hydrocarbons and
Water Treatment), New Delhi, India

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